Tiger shot after fleeing circus in Paris

  • 25/11/2017
The tiger is the largest cat species.
The tiger is the largest cat species. Photo credit: Getty

A tiger has been shot dead in western Paris after escaping from a circus, police say.

The tiger was shot by circus staff, police said on Friday, after the huge animal wandered inside a train station.

A tram line was closed while the animal was at large and passengers were asked to evacuate.

"A tiger is on the loose," rail announcers are reported to have told passengers.

The tiger is thought to have escaped the Bormann circus, which had set up a marquee nearby ahead of several performances.

Earlier this week a French journalist had expressed concern at the tigers being kept in such cramped conditions.

"Three tigers turn in circles in three square meters," his Tweet translates, alongside a photo of the three animals.

"It'll make me crazy."

It is not known which of the three tigers pictured escaped.

It is reported the tiger's owner himself fired the fatal shots.

Reuters / Newshub.