Trump blames immigration for New York terror attack

As news of the terrorist attack in New York makes headlines around the world, US President Donald Trump has called out the Department of Homeland Security. 

Mr Trump wants his government organisation to step up its already extreme immigration vetting program. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio responded, saying: "The last thing we should do is start casting dispersions on whole races of people or whole religions or whole nations. That only makes the situation worse."

Meanwhile, investigations are underway into the terror suspect Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

Saipov's social media accounts contain Islamic State-related material and linked to other terror accounts. 

It's also been revealed Saipov worked as an Uber driver, and the company is looking into its own records for any information they can provide to police. 

Social media presenter Aziz Al-Sa'afin wraps up the biggest trends of the day.

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