Trump takes gung-ho approach to feeding fish in Japan

US President Donald Trump has exhibited his belligerent approach to diplomacy with a fish-feeding ceremony in Japan.

Mr Trump was in Tokyo to discuss trade, the economy and the increasingly tenuous situation with North Korea - but before all that, he and Melania made a visit to see the Abes at Akasaka Palace.

The meeting involved quite a few formal ceremonies - one of which involved fish-feeding at a koi pond in the palace gardens.

The pair of world leaders were each given a wooden box filled with fish food to toss into the pond using small spoons, which Mr Trump did a few times.

But he clearly grew tired of that - and instead took to pouring the entire contents of the box into the water, drawing a laugh from himself, Mr Abe and a few onlookers.

At the time of the incident, many believed Mr Trump had undertaken the act completely of his own accord - but journalists present and some video of the moment reveals Mr Abe had actually done the same thing moments before.

Shinzo Abe feeding the fish.
Shinzo Abe feeding the fish. Photo credit: Reuters

The fish-feeding ceremony was followed by a wave by both leaders, who then walked off to attend other meetings.