University under fire for offensive yearbook comments

The University of Queensland has come under fire for a series of offensive comments in its yearbook.

7 News reports Emmanuel College students found crude remarks littered through their yearbook, using language called "totally unacceptable" by university management.

"I'd rather choke her to sleep than talk her to sleep," one reads.

"Consent is nothing!" another says.

The college is a residential community for University of Queensland students, and roughly 50 percent of the residents are female.

Domestic violence advocates are slamming the comments, saying they're not funny and promote rape culture.

"It's just not funny... I feel really sorry for them. I hope they can get some help," said domestic violence advocate Rochelle Courtenay.

The people blamed for the remarks claim they have been set up and the yearbook was altered by somebody else.

However, despite denials of their involvement, an apology was posted on a private Facebook page two weeks ago.

College management has taken no action to discipline the students involved and has not recalled the 300 copies of the yearbook that were printed. 

The University of Queensland said it would be speaking to Emmanuel College directly and condemned the comments.


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