US anti-gay conference ridiculed for opening with 'impeccably gay' dance

An extreme anti-gay hate group in the US has been lampooned after kicking off a conference designed to "counter the LGBT agenda" with a flamboyant, rainbow flag-adorned interpretive dance.

MassResistance, a group that prides itself on "confronting the attacks on traditional family, children, religion and society", began its Teens4Truth Conference with the performance on Friday last week (local time).

The dance, which was curiously introduced as "a pretty neat thing to do", saw performer Derek Paul prance around in smart clothing and socks whilst waving a rainbow flag for more than four minutes.

At many points he enthusiastically lip syncs to Matthew West's Christian rock song 'The List', which accompanies his dance.

The dance appears to come in stark contrast to the organiser's values, which has seen it hand out pamphlets on the health hazards of homosexuality and actively help other groups block marriage equality around the world.

The performance has since been ridiculed by media around the world, with one outlet describing it as "possibly the gayest thing you will ever see" and another "indisputably, extremely gay".

"It very well may be the gayest display of performance art that we've ever seen emerge from a gathering of anti-gay bigots," a Huffington Post article read.

"It's honestly impossible to see this man twirling and turning to this anthem about loving yourself and letting go of hate as anything but incredibly, extremely, gay," wrote SBS.

Newsweek called it "a flamboyant show fit for San Francisco's Pride Parade".

The dance was originally posted online by Media Matters, and has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.