US bombers stage 'strike' drills on North Korea

  • 03/11/2017
North Korea, United States
The US simulated attacks on major targets in the country. Photo credit: KCNA

S B-1B bombers have flew over the Korean Peninsula and carried out bombing drills simulating attacks on major targets in the country, the North's official KCNA news agency says.

The strategic bombers, escorted by US and South Korean fighter jets, flew from the Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, to conduct a "surprise" strike drill, the KCNA said.

Two Guam-based US B-1B bombers, accompanied by fighter jets from South Korea and Japan, carried out the exercise in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula on November 2, Korean-time, the US Air Force said.

"The bilateral continuous bomber presence (CBP) mission was planned in advance and was not in response to any current event," the Air Force said in a statement.