US teacher suspended after ripping off student's hijab

US teacher suspended after ripping off student's hijab
Photo credit: WMSV

A teacher in the US has been suspended after ripping off a student's hijab in front of their classmates.

Video circulating on social media shows the teacher at New Vision Academy in Nashville, Tennessee pulling back the student's religious headscarf while she tries to hide her face.

A member of the public saw the video on Snapchat with the caption "pretty hair" and sent it to News 4, on local TV station WSMV

It's believed the video was posted on the teacher's social media account, who has since been suspended without pay.

New Vision Academy principal Tim Malone said the actions depicted in the video "do not reflect the values, culture or climate of New Vision Academy".

"New Vision Academy will continue to emphasise that all staff members act in a way meant to empower and inspire our students... to foster this environment, all students must feel respected and supported."

Valor Collegiate Academies diversity officer Kasar Abdulla told News 4 the incident was disappointing.

"It should never be okay to rip off an article of clothing off of a female," she said.

"I highly encourage those faculty members in that particular school to take a crash course on why the hijab is so important... It's a symbol of who you are, and it's a symbol of your faith, and it's a symbol of your identity."