#WhoIsSue: Twitter on bizarre chase for 'Sue'

#WhoIsSue: Twitter on bizarre chase for 'Sue'
Photo credit: Twitter/@NPASBenson

A police helicopter has made a perplexing discovery while flying over a farm in Oxfordshire.

The word "Sue" followed by a lower case "x" has been mowed into farmland near the M40 motorway, but there is little information as to how it got there or even why.

National Police Air Service's Benson posted a photo of the mysterious message on Twitter asking users if anyone had any idea who Sue was.

"Does anyone know Sue just south of #Tetsworth, the other side of the M40?! #WhoIsSue #p1526"

A slightly tamer theory has recently emerged, with unconfirmed reports Sue is in fact the wife of local famer Murry.

There was little evidence to back up the claim, but some users were happy enough to stay in the dark about Sue's whereabouts.