Woman calls fire brigade to rescue her from 'huge spider' in her bed

  • 08/11/2017
A spider (not the one she found). Photo credit: Getty

A Swiss woman was forced by fear to call the police after she discovered a large spider in her bed. 

Fia Tuor, 28, was home alone in the Swiss town of Chur when she made the frightening discovery on Saturday night (local time).

Ms Tuor told news site Blick she "was in a panic" after the discovery and reached out to her friends on social media for help.

"My hands were tingling and I could barely breathe," she said.

When none of her friends were available to help her Ms Tuor called the local fire department.

Three police officers were dispatched, and according to Ms Tuor they took the job of removing the spider quite seriously when they arrived.

One officer guarded the door to prevent the spider escaping, while the other two caught it in a cardboard box and removed it from the apartment.

Blick reports the officers were surprised by the size of the spider and Ms Tuor was relieved once it was removed.