Woman climbs in McDonald's drive-thru, serves her own fast food

  • 16/11/2017

A US woman is on the run after she clambered through a McDonald's drive-thru window and stole large quantities of food and cash.

The burglar, who is yet to be identified, was captured by CCTV cameras in the late-night heist pouring herself a soft drink from the dispenser, before presumably realising the restaurant was abandoned.

She can then be seen climbing right into the Columbia fast food outlet, where she spends more than 20 minutes taking her pick of goods from the kitchen and the till.

The woman re-emerges at the end of the clip with a box so large she struggles to carry it and, after throwing a Happy Meal into the top, she passes it through the window to an accomplice waiting outside.

Police have established a US$500 (NZ$730) reward for anyone able to give them information on the woman's identity or whereabouts.

It is difficult to see how she won't eventually be caught, given the camera captures her face and body in its entirety in various parts of the footage.