Woman's shopping moment triggers global outpouring of grief

Woman's tweet triggers outpouring of grief
Rachael's tweet about her father has moved thousands worldwide. Photo credit: Rachael Prior.

A British woman's tweet about shopping has triggered a wave of shared grief worldwide.

Rachael Prior posted on Sunday about the department store which triggered memories of her deceased father.  

The tweet picked up thousands of likes and retweets within 24 hours, with twitter users globally sharing what otherwise innocuous objects bring back their own painful memories of loss.

Triggers ranged from old bottles of aftershave to engraved cups, with one user calling "Any useless thing made of pewter" his 'kryptonite'.

The post also gained celebrity attention, with JK Rowling sharing the post, saying "Twitter really is wonderful sometimes."

TV personality James Cordon encouraged his followers to read the thread, calling it "beautiful".

Rachael Prior told the BBC "It felt cathartic to use Twitter but I didn't think for one minute my innocuous tweet would catch on. It's been bizarre."

Ms Prior has expressed thanks to all her new followers, tweeting that she was "Sorry something sad brought you all here, but welcome."

In the same tweet she assured her new audience that she also tweeted about "jollier thing, like pies, and my dog."