Woman yells abuse at Santa in mall

"You're not magic! You're not even real!" she yelled.
"You're not magic! You're not even real!" she yelled. Photo credit: YouTube/ Jagti Khabar

One Canadian woman won't be getting a visit from Santa this year after launching a tirade of abuse at him in a shopping mall.

Shoppers at the Dufferin Mall in Toronto watched on in surprise as the woman, who clearly forgot it was the season of goodwill, called  Santa a f***ing dickhead and asked where his sleigh was.

"You're not magic! You're not even real! I heard about it when I was a young kid!" she yelled, "You're not real, man!" the Huffington Post reported.

Santa, to his credit, kept his cool as the women yelled and gesticulated at him before walking off.  

A bystander caught the whole thing on cellphone and said he "was at Dufferin Mall in Toronto this past week and saw this woman completely flip out on the mall Santa".

A mall spokeswoman confirmed to HuffPost that the woman left without incident.

Santa returned unscathed to his seasonal duty of handing out presents to kids.