Young New York mum attacked by drunk manspreader

Young New York mum attacked by drunk manspreader
Photo credit: Sam Saia/Facebook

Passengers at a Bronx subway station took matters into their own hands when they saw a young mother being attacked by a drunk man. 

Reports suggest the 29-year-old woman, Sam Saia, inadvertently sparked an altercation when she asked the man to stop 'manspreading' - to which he responded by threatening her with a bottle. 

Things escalated when she and her three children got off the train and the man, named in local media as Ramel Jefferson, followed Ms Saia onto the platform and punched her in the face, later pushing her into a bench and dragging her by her hair. 

Video shows loitering passengers coming to Ms Saia's rescue before police arrive at the scene, with two men holding Mr Jefferson down and kicking him while a crowd gathered.

A third man can be seen grabbing at Mr Jefferson's collar even after police arrived. 

Ms Saia suffered pain to her right shoulder and lacerations to her chin and arm.

Police arrested Mr Jefferson at the scene and charged him with resisting arrest, assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.