30m joint steals show at marijuana convention

  • 19/12/2017
30m joint steals show at marijuana convention
Photo credit: YouTube

A monster joint that took 1kg of weed and a special rolling technique was the star attraction at a Massachusetts expo over the weekend.

The project was led by Boston-based cannabis club and growers group Beantown Greentown. And of course, it was rolled at 4:20pm.

In December 2016, Massachusetts lawmakers legalised recreational marijuana for adults older than 21.

Adults are now allowed to possess up to 10 ounces of marijuana at their residence and up to an ounce outside.

Thousands of cannabis enthusiasts celebrated the law's first anniversary by lining up for selfies with the 30-metre joint, The Telegram & Gazette reports.

Local resident Denise Fournier asked the question on everyone's lips: "When are you going to light it up?"

Aside from the massive joint, the conference had a competition for the best weed as well as speakers on the history of the legalisation movement and how to establish a legal cannabis business.