95yo UK woman faces 'quite real' risk of prison after accidentally killing cemetery worker

Cropped image of senior woman putting car key in ignition lock
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A 95-year-old woman is facing the prospect of prison, after pleading guilty to a charge of death by dangerous driving.

The Mirror reports Gertrude Lister, from Maidenhead, was behind the wheel of her Hyundai i30 on February 14, 2017, when she accidentally pressed the accelerator and ploughed into cemetery worker Paul Mills, 47.

She surrendered her licence and pleaded guilty to the charge, as she "does not want to put the Mills family through further heartache".

In a hearing at Reading Crown Court on December 19 (local time), Judge Paul Dugdale granted the frail Ms Lister unconditional bail, saying she could remain seated to hear the charges.

But he did caution her that the charges she faces are serious and she could be sent to prison.

"I need to work out whether this should be a custody sentence or whether it should be suspended," he said.

"I am going to extend your bail unconditionally as before, but do not read anything into this. There remains a quite real risk you might lose your liberty on January 4."

At the time of his death, Mr Mills' family released a statement saying he loved his job and they were very thankful for his employer's support after the accident.

"Paul was very much an outside person," they said. "He liked his job and the people he worked with.

"He had only been working for ISS for six days. They have been very supportive and we thank them for all their help.

"He leaves behind his brothers, children and grandchildren. They will never forget him and will remember him with love."