Amateur photographer captures remarkable iPhone photo of Royals

  • 27/12/2017

A member of the public has beaten Britain's best photographers to the one shot they were all dreaming of on Christmas Day.

When Prince Harry's fiancee, Meghan Markle, went to her first Christmas church service with the royal family, Britain's best photographers were there to capture the perfect shot of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan together. But a member of the public ended up getting the best shot, and the response has been overwhelming. All it took was a little luck, and plenty of screaming.

"It was just a really lucky shot that captures the moment," says amateur photographer Karen Murdoch. "It was perfect. I loved it."

Ms Murdoch, who lives near the Queen's Sandringham estate - captured a remarkable photo on her iPhone and posted it to Twitter where it got 12,000 "likes". Her previous record was just five.

"This is bonkers isn't it?" she laughed. "It's mad. It's been crazy." 

Her tip for getting the royals to smile? She and her daughter screamed and shouted at them.

"We were fan-girling a bit. We were going, 'Hiya, happy Christmas.' If I'm totally honest we were being a bit embarrassing."

Ms Murdoch's photograph has made the front page of nearly every major newspaper in the UK - acknowledgement that their professional photographers were simply outdone by a member of the public with a cellphone.

With Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding a few months away, Ms Murdoch may well get another chance to show off her camera skills. 

CBS News / Newshub.