Apple hit with lawsuit for deliberately slowing down older models of iPhone

Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit, after admitting it deliberately slows down older models of iPhones.

The multinational company says it was trying to help preserve battery life and avoid phones crashing, but some customers say it's a ploy to sell more phones.

Canadian computer scientist John Pool has investigated the complaints and published his findings on his blog, telling CBS News: "Your web browser will be slower, your instant messaging will be slower... essentially, all the functionality of your phone will be affected, except making actual phone calls."  

Mr Pool found that Apple was deliberately slowing its iPhone 6 model phones by issuing a software update that diverted power from the main processor. 

While Apple has admitted to the move and claimed it was for the customer's benefit, Mr Pool says the fact this is happening to a relatively new model of phone is "disappointing". 

Nick Thompson from Wired magazine told CBS that Apple wasn't lying and that diverting power was a legitimate solution to the problem, but its was only telling people now because "they got busted".