Bali-bound Kiwis told to check insurance

Kiwis heading to Bali are being warned to check their insurance cover following volcanic activity on the island.

Mt Agung has been spewing out black ash cloud for some weeks, causing the cancellation of many flights to and from Bali.

Christchurch woman Asha Blackler is desperate to get home to her three kids. She's in Bali on her honeymoon, and was meant to fly back to New Zealand this weekend.

"We're starting to get a bit homesick now that you know you're stuck here and you've got no choice," she says.

Many at the hotel she's staying at are also affected.

"We're staying at a hotel with, I'd say, probably at least 100 guests that were at the airport yesterday and had their flights cancelled."

The black ash cloud spewing from Mt Agung is causing the disruption. Balinese officials have said the possibility of a large eruption is "very high".

Tens of thousands of locals have had to leave their homes and are now in evacuation centres. Two airports that had been closed have reopened, but flights out aren't guaranteed.

House of Travel director Brent Thomas says the situation is touch and go.

"It's very much an hour-by-hour, day-by-day situation," he told Newshub. 

"Things can change very, very quickly and it may close again if the ash cloud goes in the wrong direction."

With Christmas nearing, the situation is keeping travel companies busy.

"Not everyone's going to be able to get out at the same time," Mr Thomas says.

"We'll work with people and see who wants to come home, who's got a few extra days that they can stay over there, so prioritising people."

He's warning those about to travel to Bali to check their insurance policies. If airports are open, insurance may not offer cover if people choose not to travel.


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