British woman gives 'birth' to tumour

The rare condition is known as 'molar pregnancy'.
The rare condition is known as 'molar pregnancy'. Photo credit: iStock.

A British woman has been forced to give birth to a cancerous tumour after being diagnosed with a rare disease.  

According to British tabloid The Sun, Lauren Knowles was diagnosed with a 'molar pregnancy', which is when a cluster of cells mimicking a baby grow in the uterus.

The then-27-year-old thought she was pregnant until she noticed heavy spotting at seven-and-a-half weeks, and doctors sent her for a scan and the disease was discovered. 

"The tumour grew in my womb the same way a baby would, the same hormones were produced and my pregnancy tests always came back positive" she told the Sun.

The mass in her womb was found to be cancerous, and Ms Knowles was immediately put on a gruelling course of chemotherapy. 

While in hospital five months later she suffered intense stomach cramps, and got the urge to push. Moments later she gave 'birth' to her tumour, which was the same size as a baby at 17 weeks.

Ms Knowles, now 29, has since given birth to a healthy baby girl and recovered from her ordeal, sharing her story now to raise awareness of molar pregnancy.  

"I want to give people hope that even in the worst scenarios, what seems impossible is still possible, while raising more awareness to molar pregnancy."