China closes school teaching women to be subordinate to men

China closes school teaching women to be subordinate to men
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A school in China has been forced to close after the local education bureau took issue with the "traditional values" it was instilling upon its students.

The BBC reports video shows students at the Fushun School of Traditional Culture being taught to remain obedient to their husbands.

Posted to the news website Video Pear the video shows students being advised to avoid arguing, getting divorced or fighting back when their husbands became violent.

"Whatever your husband asks, your reply should be: 'Yes. Right away'" one lecturer told students, according to the BBC.

Students were also told if they were to sleep with more than three men semen would become poisonous and kill them.

The video shows lecturers speaking out against gender equality and women performing chores such as cleaning toilets with their bare hands.

The women were encouraged to avoid having a career and to "stay at the bottom level".

The education bureau in the area closed the school, saying it went against the core socialist values.

Several employees of the school protested the closure; according to the employees the video was misrepresentative of the schools work to promote traditional culture.

In a statement posted to Weibo the education bureau in Fushun said: "the institute's teachings went against social morality and must be closed immediately".