Chinese customers report iPhone X facial recognition glitch

Chinese customers report iPhone X facial recognition glitch
Photo credit: Shanghai TV

Chinese customers have reported glitches in the iPhone X face ID function, with other people being able to unlock their phones.

Madam Yan from Nanjing, China, was dismayed to discover her unrelated colleague was able to unlock her phone multiple times using face ID.

She returned her phone to the Apple store, according to Asia One, and received a new phone after being told the camera was faulty.

However, the same thing happened with the new phone. It's unclear whether she has obtained a third iPhone X.

In a second reported case a boy in Shanghai was able to unlock his mother's iPhone using facial recognition, according to Shandong TV station.

The issue was reported to Apple, which responded that it was a rare case due to the fact that the mother and son look very similar.

Apple has previously said its face ID function is based on over 1 billion images, with participants from around the world to account for gender, age, ethnicity and other factors.

The company said there is a high degree of accuracy for a diverse range of users.