Christmas season inspires #IfTrumpWereSanta Twitter meme

Christmas season inspires #IfTrumpWereSanta Twitter meme
Photo credit: @PresidentIcons/Twitter

The festive season has inspired a new Donald Trump-themed Twitter meme: #IfTrumpWereSanta.

While children gear up to welcome a wholesome figure down their chimneys, the viral hashtag has adults imagining something far more disturbing - what if Trump were Santa Claus?

The premise has Twitter producing hilarious, and sometimes frighteningly poignant memes.

One user tweeted a picture of Jared Kushner, accompanied with the caption: "#IfTrumpWereSanta He would delegate everything out to that weird quiet elf who married his daughter." 

"#IfTrumpWereSanta he'd put coals in Jesus's stocking. 'I prefer saviours who don't get crucified.'" tweeted another.

"#IfTrumpWereSanta he'd have to deliver the presents by plane because Eric and Don Jr. would have shot all the reindeer by now."

"#IfTrumpWereSanta you could sit on his lap - but would you want to?"

"#IfTrumpWereSanta he'd come down the chimney and take presents from kids. But only from the poor ones."

CNN recently reported Mr Trump's approval rating is just 35 percent - the worst of any elected president's first year by a significant margin.