CIA helps Russia foil terror plot

  • 18/12/2017
Kazansky Cathedral
Kazansky Cathedral. Photo credit: Getty

Russian President Vladimir Putin telephoned US President Donald Trump to thank him for information that allowed Russia to prevent a terrorist attack on its soil, Interfax news agency quotes the Kremlin as saying.

Information provided by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) allowed Russian law enforcement agencies to prevent a planned attack on the Kazansky Cathedral in Russia's second city of St Petersburg, and arrest the plotters, the Kremlin was quoted as saying.

"As a result of a special operation conducted in St Petersburg, seven cell members were detained," a statement on the Federal Security Service (Russia's equivalent of the CIA) website said.

"[Authorities] have seized a significant amount of explosives, components of improvised explosive devices, automatic weapons, ammunition and extremist literature. The laboratory for the manufacture of explosive devices has been eliminated."

Mr Putin, in his phone call with Mr Trump, said Russia would alert US authorities if it received any information about any attack being planned on the United States, Interfax quoted the Kremlin as saying.

Reuters / Newshub.