Dad accuses school of sending daughter back to the '60s after they make her learn about make-up

  • 10/12/2017
Stephen Callaghan's hilarious letter.
Stephen Callaghan's hilarious letter. Photo credit: Twitter/2GFS

An Australian man has complained to his daughter's school about a "serious incident" which sent her five decades back in time.

Stephen Callaghan says his daughter, a year 6 student at Dubbo West Public School in Wongarbon, left for school on Monday in the year 2017, but when she came home "she was from 1968".

"I know this to be the case as Ruby informed that the 'girls' in year 6 would be attending the school library to get their hair and make-up done on Monday afternoon, while the boys are going to Bunnings," Mr Callaghan wrote.

"Are you able to search the school buildings for a rip in the space-time continuum? Perhaps there is a faulty flux capacitor hidden away in the girls' toilet block?"

He asked the principal to rectify the temporal anomaly so the school can be "returned to this millennium".

He told website Bored Panda his daughter specifically requested to go to Bunnings, but was told it was "only for the boys".

"My daughter wants to be an engineer," he later tweeted. "She doesn't give a rat's arse about make-up."

A spokesperson for the local board of education students were allowed to choose either activity.

In August, an Australian school banned girls and boys from socialising. Earlier this year, another outlawed cartwheels.