'Do I need a British accent?' Barack Obama jokes with Prince Harry in BBC interview

Prince Harry has recorded a laugh-filled feature-length interview with former US president Barack Obama for BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

The interview is part of the prince's guest editorship for the prestigious morning current affairs show. 

Reportedly recorded in Toronto during the Invictus Games, the interview features Mr Obama sharing his memories, post-presidential plans, and a joke or two with the young prince.

In a clip posted by Today on Twitter, Mr Obama can be seen asking, "do I need a British accent?" 

"If you start using long pauses between answers, you're probably going to get 'the face'," replies Harry with a disapproving look.

"Let me see that face. Oh, ok. I don't want to see that face," says Mr Obama.

Near the end of the clip, Harry admits to feeling a few pre-show jitters, telling Mr Obama: "You're excited about this. I'm nervous about this. That's what's quite funny."

Prince Harry has forged a strong bond with Mr Obama over the years, particularly through his work with servicemen and his royal trips to the US.

It's reported Mr Obama even teased Harry about his romance with Meghan Markle earlier this year at the Invictus Games.

The high-profile interview will be broadcast on December 27.