French university installs giant clitoris sculpture

French university installs giant clitoris sculpture
Photo credit: Facebook

A French university has unveiled a new clitoris-shaped sculpture to promote gender equality.

The Daily Mail reports the statue, called "Le Clitoris", is made of steel and stands on the grounds of the University of Poitiers.

It was designed by British artist Matthew Ellis and revealed to students on November 25.

Feminist group Friends of Women and Liberation (LAFL) arranged for the sculpture's installation, saying it would help illustrate the fight for gender equality.

The aim was for the clitoris statue to stand alongside a famous penis statue that had been in place at the university for years.

The concrete penis, known as the Bitard penis, was erected 40 years ago by campus group known as the Order of the Venerated Bitard.

The LAFL wanted the clitoris to be situated directly next to the penis to illustrate the message but this was declined.

Now the clitoris stands not quite next to the penis but close by.

LAFL deputy secretary Penelope Muffet told France TVInfo the goal was to present women's issues alongside the penis.

"We don't want to dismantle the penis. We want women to be also represented on campus," she said.