Girl makes miracle recovery moments before life support is switched off

Girl makes miracle recovery moments before life support is switched off
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A three-year-old American girl has made an astounding recovery, just before her life support was turned off.

The Daily Mail reports Lacey Jane Ayers was in a car accident, heading home from Christmas shopping with her mother, father and new-born brother on Saturday afternoon.

While the rest of her family escaped serious injuries in the accident, Lacey Jane was airlifted to Alabama Children's Hospital and put on life support.

Doctors agreed that Lacey Jane would not make it and the family got ready to say their last goodbyes.

While doctors were waiting for Lacey Jane's mother, Shayla Ayers, 20, to arrive from another hospital, she began ever so slightly breathing on her own.

Lacey's uncle, Daniel Horton, 32, told the Daily Mail the family was most worried about lasting damage from the crash, particularly around her skull and brain.

He said both children were properly restrained in the accident, but other details surrounding the accident remain unclear.

Lacey Jane has a cracked skull and wears a brace, due to a fracture in her neck.

Mr Horton said he hoped she would recover, due to her awareness when not under heavy sedation.

"I visited her Monday and she squeezed my hand,' said Daniel, 'It was hard to look at her in that condition."

On Monday, Lacey Jane's doctor said she was impressed by the child's progress and if she continued to improve, she would make a positive recovery.