Gordon Ramsay mocked over 'genital' dish

Revolted diners have compared it to "calf labia" and "been curtains".
Revolted diners have compared it to "calf labia" and "been curtains". Photo credit: Gordon Ramsay / Facebook

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is being roasted online, after a photo of one of his meals drew hilarious comparisons to women's genitals.

The Michelin-starred chef shared the image of a beef carpaccio starter to Facebook - but it didn't get the response he wanted.

"Sunday Meat Day at #GordonRamsaySteak at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with this delicious American Wagyu Carpaccio with a deviled quail egg, puffed rice paper and truffle salsa!" he posted.

The photo showed the red strips of meat curled up and arranged on a plate, complete with a thin smear of green sauce.

However, the image drew unfortunate and unintended comparisons.

"Umm does anyone else think this looks like a plate of cut up clits? Just me? Lol," said Ashley Brown.

"Friend to friend. The carpaccio looks like another kind of 'beef curtain'," mused Karey Vasiliauskas Gleason. "It's all I can see. This would be a total hit at a convention for obstetricians,"

Dana Bleau replied: "That's exactly what i thought when i saw this pic - calf labia?"


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