Grieving mother's stolen photos of daughter returned after desperate plea

Daisy was dying from cancer - but that didn't stop the thieves.
Daisy was dying from cancer - but that didn't stop the thieves. Photo credit: Natalie Elbrow

A grieving mother's stolen photos of her deceased daughter have been returned to her after a desperate plea.

Natalie Elbrow's 15-year-old daughter, Daisy, was dying in a hospice of cancer when Ms Elbrow went to say one last goodbye.

But while she was out her house was burgled. And in a horribly callous act the Apple MacBook Air laptop filled with photos of Daisy was taken.

Shortly afterwards, Daisy died.

Ms Elbrow's heartfelt plea for its return was shared widely by police and the public - and it had a happy ending.

The laptop was handed in to a police station by a member of the public, who said it had been sold to them in suspicious circumstances. A 32-year-old man has been charged with burglary and will appear in court.

Ms Elbrow says she is incredibly thankful for its return.

"Daisy was a real fighter. She fought that cancer to the very end and was so brave," Ms Elbrow told UK news website Metro.

"She spent more time in hospital than out and that laptop meant everything to her. She was so weak that she was forced to spend most days in bed and it gave her a portal to the outside world.

"It had all her things on it and all her photos. It meant so much to Daisy."