'Grinch who stole Christmas' shamed in Texas

A real-life grinch, who stole Christmas decorations in Texas, is being thoroughly and creatively shamed by his victim.

Ken Lamkin from San Antonio woke up on Christmas morning to find that his fog machine and 16ft long inflatable reindeer team had been stolen in the night. 

Wen Mr Lamkin found that the theft had been caught on security cameras, he thought of an inventive way to get revenge. 

"We ran over, and made some black and white pictures, and mounted them on some cardboard and this is what you have - our new Grinch-themed Christmas," Mr Lamkin told Kens5 News.

Mr Lamkin has not only mounted large pictures of the theft outside his house, he has a projector playing footage of the shameless thief on loop.  

"It doesn't only show that we know who you are, but it is also to show that you can't take our Christmas," Mr Lamkin told Kens5 News

The Texan has said he hopes the thief's heart 'grows 10 sizes', so that he returns what he stole.