'Hero' who took down Trump's Twitter didn't mean to

Donald Trump's Twitter was deactivated for 11 minutes.
Donald Trump's Twitter was deactivated for 11 minutes. Photo credit: Getty

The former Twitter employee hailed a hero for deactivating Donald Trump's account says it was a complete "mistake".

A former member of Congress suggested Bahtiyar Duysak be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, while British journalist Oliver Bullough remarked "not all heroes wear capes".

But it turns out it was an accident.

Mr Duysak told TechCrunch it was his last day when someone reported Mr Trump's account for offensive content.

"As a final, throwaway gesture," he began the process of deactivating the account - not realising it would actually happen.

Mr Trump's account was reactivated after 11 minutes.

"I want to continue an ordinary life," Mr Duysak told TechCrunch.

"I had to delete hundreds of friends, so many pictures, because reporters are stalking me. I just want to continue an ordinary life."

"He is a very successful person," Mr Duysak told CNN.

"I admire his hard work and how he made it to get the highest position... But I think he needs to learn a little as a politician."