Hilarious optical illusion makes Australian woman look like she's gained a new appendage

PIC FROM HAILEE BRIDGE / CATERS NEWS (PICTURED: Hailee Bridge, now 38. Taken 19/01/2014) - An Australian festival-goer learned the hard way that a seemingly innocent photograph of herself in fact hid a very rude optical illusion. Mother-of-one Hailee Bridge, 38, was hanging out at Big Day Out festival on the Gold Coast when she posed for the double-take snapshot three years ago. But when she recently uploaded it to social media, friends lost no time in pointing out the unfortunate timing that made it look like shed grown a male body part. Because in a cruel twist of fate, it appears as if the leg of a fellow audience member is actually Hailees penis  and the cock up was much to the amusement of many. SEE CATERS COPY
Photo credit: Caters

A photo posted on Facebook by an Australian woman has left many of her friends second guessing due to a questionable optical illusion.

Caters reports Hailee Bridge posed for the photo at the Big Day Out on the Gold Coast three years ago as she enjoyed the festival.

Hilarious optical illusion makes Australian woman look like she's gained a new appendage
Photo credit: Caters

However some unfortunate timing, and poor placement in the background, meant an audience member's leg looked like Ms Bridge had grown a penis.

Ms Bridge hoped to brush off the unfortunate framing on Facebook, but her friends didn't let her get away with it for long.

"I was having a great time there and of course I didn't notice anything at the time," Ms Bridge told Yahoo News.

"It wasn't until I put it online that I thought, 'Oh my god, hang on?' But in the end, I just decided, 'It's a good pic of me so hopefully nobody says anything'!"

"It got a reaction straight away. One friend was like 'put it away Hails!' and another said, 'you've kept a big secret Hailee, that thing is so big you couldn't hold it up with sticky tape!'"

"It was a bit annoying, but I'm glad people got a kick out of it. If I can make people laugh it's a good day."