Homeless man stands in rain for hours to guard stranger's cash

Homeless man stands in rain for hours to guard stranger's cash
Photo credit: Gofundme

A homeless man is in line for a huge reward after guarding a man's valuables for more than two hours in the rain.

James John McGeown spotted a bag on Thursday (local time) sitting in the passenger seat of a car with its window down, parked outside Glasgow's Sheriff Court, Glasgow Live reports.

Not wanting the money to be stolen Mr McGeown waited for two and a half hours in the rain for the owner to return before handing in the bag containing NZ$850 in cash a nearby lawyer's office.

The owner of the bag John McMonagle was surprised to return to his car and find a note telling him where to find it.

He was shocked at the act of generosity, telling Glasgow Live Mr McGeown is "phenomenal".

"This guy has nothing and yet he didn't take the bag for himself, he thought about others instead. It's phenomenal. It just proves there's decent guys out there and especially at Christmas," he says.

Mr McGeown's actions didn't go unrewarded. After giving him NZ$75 as thanks, Mr McMonagle turned to crowd funding for a bigger reward.

A GoFundMe page has now raised more than NZ$21,000 for Mr McGeown and the homeless community.


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