How to screw up your life, according to Reddit

Woman gets arrested, regrets it
It only takes one really, really bad decision to mess up your life. Photo credit: Getty

It only takes one really, really bad decision to mess up your life.

That's never been more evident than in a thread on popular web forum Reddit that's racked up more than 13,000 comments in a matter of hours.

"What's the fastest way you've seen someone f**k up their life?" asked Reddit user  play_Tagpro_its_fun.

The responses ranged from tragic to, well, even more so.

"My sister's boyfriend was dared to rob a gas station with a BB gun. He's now doing eight years for armed robbery," wrote cnikkir13.

"I had a roommate come home one day and say, 'I smoked crack today. I think I'm going to start smoking crack,'" wrote PurpleMegalodon. "Maybe not the best conscious life choice?"

"Bride at my cousin's wedding got caught by groom's father f**king the best man," said Dmva100. "She's homeless now. Reputation was destroyed and she got fired for something else."

"I had a buddy that was getting put into the back of the cop car," wrote Economy_Cactus. "He was getting an underage drinking ticket. Not too big of a deal - it was a $200 fine and off your record in a few years. Then he elbowed the cop in the jaw."

"Saw two guys one night get into a stupid brawl over nonsense and one of them hit the ground," said yegcosmonaught. "Buddy never woke up. This kid went from having not a major problem in the world to becoming a felon convicted of manslaughter."

"This kid I know, his cousin gave him a gun over the holidays as a present," wrote Ryder Gerrard. "So this dumbass ordered pizza with his friends and instead of paying, they robbed the delivery guy. Again, this is after they gave the address and name for the order."

User syndoctor told the tale of a case in Utah where a mother went to her daughter's defence in a fight she was having with a friend.

"Mom decided to photoshop a picture of the friend's head onto a photo of a nude woman. Then she proceeded to print out 50 copies and hang them up all over the daughter's school. The police didn't care that the images were fake."

Thankfully, not every story ended in death or prison.

"A guy I knew in college was dragging his feet about breaking up with a girl," wrote jack_2235.

"He went over to her house to finally end their toxic relationship, but ended up sleeping with her again instead."

"I was with a buddy once and his girlfriend asked him if she looked fat and he hesitated," wrote the_real_junkrat.

Anthony Scaramucci.
Anthony Scaramucci. Photo credit: Getty

Others wrote about matters a little further from home.

"He ordered his military to overrun and occupy Kuwait. It was probably the last good day of his life," said Scrappy_Larue.

"The Mooch did a pretty good job," said bkdotcom, referring to Anthony Scaramucci's infamously short 10-day stint as Donald Trump's communications director.

"That British woman who dropped a cat in a wheelie bin and who was caught on camera," added suteaka15.