Lone turkey saved by vegans after truck crash

Lone turkey saved by vegans after truck crash
Photo credit: Facebook/Earthling Ed

Vegan activists sprang into action after a truck carrying turkeys overturned in the United Kingdom.

The Telegraph reports the truck with turkeys destined to be Christmas dinners overturned on the A38 in Worcester on Thursday at 10am (local time).

The vegans were quick to arrive to the scene, and attempted to prevent the birds being loaded back onto the truck.

One of the activists, going by the name Earthling Ed, posted video of the scene on Facebook, showing feathers and crates littered on the road.

He described their attempts to save the turkeys from being sent to the slaughter.

"One activist, my good friend Katie, cradled one of the confused and distressed turkeys and wouldn't let the police or the workers take him to his death," he wrote on Facebook.

"Eventually they gave up and the 'owner' of the birds said we could 'relinquish his property' and take the turkey."

The activists were only able to save the one turkey, whom they later named Asha. She is now living at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

A spokesperson for the West Mercia Police told The Telegraph a number of other turkeys were killed in the accident.

"RSPCA were also called to the scene. A number of turkeys died as a result of the incident," a spokesperson said in a statement.

"Once recovery was completed and emergency services ensured that members of the public and animals were safe, the remaining turkeys were handed back to their owner."