Melbourne man's theft of $5000 sex doll caught on camera

A $5000 sex doll named Dorothy has gone missing from an adult store in Australia and the man behind its disappearance has been caught on camera.

CCTV footage shows the thief pulling up outside the store in the south-east Melbourne suburb of Moorabbin, jumping out of the vehicle, and attempting to pick the door's lock.

The suspect is thought to have used bolt cutters to gain access to the sex shop, and could be seen in the footage throwing a fire extinguisher to pry the door open.

After making it inside, the man vanishes from view before re-emerging holding the 168cm-tall sex doll.

Dorothy, a doll who boasts "ultra-realistic-feeling skin and breasts" and "a titanium alloy skeleton enabling her to bend into almost any position", retails for AU$4495 (NZ$4970).

The 168cm version of Dorothy retails for about NZ$5000.
The 168cm version of Dorothy retails for about NZ$5000. Photo credit: Sexyland

Police have released images of the man seen in the footage and are currently investigating the incident.


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