Mike Pence's wife reportedly hates Donald Trump

Karen Pence allegedly finds Donald Trump "reprehensible" and "vile".
Karen Pence allegedly finds Donald Trump "reprehensible" and "vile". Photo credit: Getty

US Vice President Mike Pence spends a lot of time with Donald Trump, but his wife is no fan of the Commander-in-Chief.

Karen Pence was allegedly "disgusted" by Mr Trump's comments on the Access Hollywood tape, in which he bragged about grabbing women "by the p***y".

"She finds him reprehensible - just totally vile," a former Trump-Pence campaign aide told The Atlantic.

President Trump has recently attempted to deny that the voice on the tape was his, despite issuing an apology soon after its release in 2016.

Vice President Pence's marriage has come under scrutiny for reports of bizarre marital behaviour. 

In 2002 he claimed that he never eats alone with a woman who isn't Karen, and there have also been (unproven but widely believed) rumours that he calls his wife 'mother'.

This has not been the Pence family's only controversy. In 2016 the future Vice President posted a photo on social media in which his daughter appeared not to have a mirror reflection, prompting rumours that she may be a vampire.