Mugabe’s sons still partying hard

Robert Mugabe’s sons are known for their lavish lifestyles, which have been well documented on social media.

But there have been few glimpses of Bellarmine Chatunga and Robert Junior since their father’s fall from power.

The ousted President’s sons take after their big-spending mother, who is known as ‘Gucci Grace’. The young men have been criticised for posting photos and videos of themselves partying in splendour, while Zimbabwe’s economy collapsed and millions left for neighbouring South Africa.

In November, younger son Chatunga posted a Snapchat video of himself ‘baptising’ his expensive watch with champagne.

However the ‘Mugabe boys’ have kept a low profile since a military coup forced their father into a reluctant resignation. They haven’t been seen in public in weeks, prompting questions over whether their party days are finally over.

But in a recent news segment for Channel 4 news, Chatunga can be seen ordering bottles of champagne at a Johannesburg nightclub, indicating that Mugabe’s sons haven’t given up their decadent lifestyle.