Mum heartbroken after baby's ashes stolen from home

Mum heartbroken after baby's ashes stolen from home
Photo credit: Facebook/ Claire Smallwood

A mother is distraught after burglars took her baby's ashes during a ransacking of her home.

Claire Smallwood returned her home in Belfast, Ireland on Tuesday evening to notice that her home had been burgled.

"The sick and sad thing is who ever done it took Holly's ashes. The police believe they thought it was drugs," Ms Smallwood said.

"We our absolutely devastated, angry and sickened...We don't care about what ever sick person done this we just want our Holly back," she wrote on Facebook.

Ms Smallwood is now appealing to the community to help to retrieve the ashes, which she says are in a small plastic bag tied with a knot.

She told The Mirror her baby Holly passed away in her sleep in November last year, and she kept her ashes in a drawer beside her bed.

"What is hurting me the most is once they realise it's not drugs they are going to throw them away," she said.