Note found inside the bum of 300yo Jesus statue

Note found inside the bum of 300yo Jesus statue
Photo credit: YouTube

A carefully crafted message has been found hidden in the bum of a Spanish Jesus statue.

The Sun reports the note, signed by priest Joaquin Minguez from the Cathedral of Burgo de Osma, was recently found by Spanish workers restoring the 300-year-old statue.

They removed a small amount of fabric from its behind and discovered a small gap hiding two handwritten pages.

The note details popular pastimes from the period and other important information such as famous people, religious or political matters and the economic situation at the time.

Mr Minguez even went to the trouble of detailing popular bullfighters, agricultural matters and common children's games in his note.

Local historians believe the note is Mr Minguez's attempt at a time capsule, passing on information about the period to the future. Historian Efren Arroyo was extremely excited by the discovery.

"It is amazing, because it really is unique to find hidden handwritten documents inside such statues," he told The Sun.

The statue has now been restored and is kept at the church of Santa Agueda in the north of Spain.