NSW proposal to dig up the dead to make space sparks ire

The New South Wales government has proposed a controversial new scheme to create more space - digging up graves after 25 years.

The controversial plan would allow a simple lease of the space, which families could then choose to extend up to 99 years.

Christopher Zinn from the Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW Board says the premise is simple.

Instead of being buried in one spot forever, it "gives you the choice of saying I'm happy to be buried there for 25 years".

Keeping bodies in the ground for longer could result in costly maintenance charges. 

"Those remains that still exist will be put in a sanctified place and then that space can be used again."

The plan's received poor feedback so far via a government study, with some calling it "disrespectful", "horrifying", and "appalling". 

Mr Zinn says "it's simply a proposal at this stage".