Otherworldly footage shows Californians' commute through hellfire

Raging fires on the hills in the swanky Californian suburb of Bel-Air have provided a visually mesmerising backdrop for the drive home from work.

Footage from a number of commuters travelling home on the 405 Freeway shows the hills above completely ablaze, glowing fluorescent orange.

The 405 has now been closed as a precaution, but that was after thousands of Bel-Air residents drove right beside the inferno on Wednesday evening.                                                                               

The fire captured in the video is part of the Skirball fire, which has burned through more than 150 acres, destroyed at least six homes, and sparked evacuations.

California is known for its wildfires, though they normally strike during the summer months. This one started in early December at the start of the American winter.