Racist woman spat 'in the face' of young Muslim child

Europe, UK, England, London, View Of Two Muslim Women Wearing Burka's Cruising Edgware Road Carrying Plastic Shooting Bags
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A Muslim mother in the UK has been traumatised after a woman pursued her through a mall hurling abuse before spitting in her child's face.

The mother, who does not wish to be named, reached out to TellMAMA, an advocacy group in the UK, after the incident.

TellMAMA reports the mother was shopping with her five children at the Trafford centre in Manchester, England on November 10 when the woman accosted her.

The unidentified woman, described as white and middle aged accompanied by a young child, approached the Muslim mother and launched into an unprompted racist rant.

According to the mother she shouted abuse including "black scumbag," "people like you shouldn't be here," and "look at you with that thing on," likely a reference to the mother's headscarf.

The mother remained calm and took her children to other shops, but was pursued by the woman who continued to shout abuse at the mother's family.

Eventually the mother asked the woman "why are you shouting at my child?" and the woman spat in her son's face.

The mother screamed for help and approached security, which she says was slow to respond to the incident.

By the time the police had arrived the woman was nowhere to be found having left the premises or entered a larger shop.

The children involved in the incident are traumatised, and their mother says she is now trying to explain racism to them as they had no understanding of such issues before the attack.