'Sexist' Jimmy Choo ad called out for cat-calling

'Sexist' Jimmy Choo ad called out for cat-calling
Photo credit: Jimmy Choo / YouTube

High-fashion house Jimmy Choo is facing intense backlash after releasing a 'sexist' ad glorifying catcalling. 

The advert features model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne strutting down a New York street in her new Jimmy Choo boots, welcoming catcalls as she heads to a hotdog stand for her "usual". 

The video's been branded "tone-deaf" and "gross" following the Hollywood sexual misconduct scandals and the #MeToo movement.

"Good lord Jimmy Choo now is not the time to release an ad where catcalling is good, read the friggin room," said one user.

"Read the room Jimmy Choo. Selling shoes with an ad where a woman is catcalled and ogled while trying to get to where she needs to go is gross," wrote another.   

"Jimmy Choo has officially pulled their sexist #caradelevingne ad. So sad it took even thise long for them to realise that catcalling is NOT sexy".

"Tone deaf ad. Women hate being catcalled."

"Nothing says 'buy me' like harassment. Hard pass."

Jimmy Choo has since deleted the tweet promoting the video.

The company is yet to make an official response.