Sharks fight it out in front of Aussie fisherman

  • 10/12/2017

Two mates fishing in Brisbane on Saturday thought they were reeling in the big one.

Turns out they'd hooked a shark - but what happened next shocked the pair.

"It was 1.8m long, and out of nowhere another one decided it wanted a bit more than us," fisherman Callum Ryan told 7 News.

An even bigger shark got in on the action at Victoria Point. The size of the ocean-dwelling monster that took their catch apparent when you see how big a bite it took out of its prey.

Shark eaten
What was left of the shark they pulled on board. Photo credit: 7 News/Tight Lines Shark Fishing

With temperatures rising, sharks are being drawn closer to shore and into estuaries around Australia.

Shark fishing is becoming increasingly popular across Queensland. A 200kg bull shark was caught in the Logan River last week.

7 News / Newshub.

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