Thousands of drunk Christmas partygoers trash St Kilda beach in Melbourne

Thousands of drunk Christmas revellers have trashed St Kilda beach in Melbourne, getting so out of hand that a number of people required hospital treatment.

A team of 30 council workers were called in to clean up the bottles, cans and broken glass early on Tuesday morning.

Police say more than 5000 people partied at the popular summer spot on Monday night.

Neighbours say this year has been the worst they have ever seen and are demanding liquor bans.

"We're extremely disappointed," one neighbour said.

"This is unacceptable behaviour. It's made our beautiful foreshore a waste dump.

"And seriously it's the third or fourth year in a row."

Emergency services were kept busy with a number of fights breaking out. Many others needed medical treatment because of excess drinking.

One man was hit by a tram. A woman was taken to hospital to have her stomach pumped, and a number of people were injured after standing on broken glass.

People visiting the beach on Tuesday were warned to take care.