Tory MP who asked secretary to buy sex toys won't be sacked

Tory MP who asked secretary to buy sex toys won't be sacked
Photo credit: Twitter/Mark Garnier

A British MP who asked his secretary to buy him sex toys and called her "sugar tits" will keep his job.

Prime Minister Theresa May ordered an investigation into Mark Garnier, a junior International Trade Minister, after the allegations surfaced.

He asked his secretary, Caroline Edmondson, to buy two sex toys and he also called her "sugar tits", the Mail on Sunday reported.

The incidents took place in 2010, before Mr Garnier became a minister.

The Cabinet Office investigation found there was no evidence he had breached expected standards of behaviour since becoming a minister in 2016.

"It was not his intention to cause distress and Mr Garnier has apologised unreservedly to the individual," said a Downing Street spokesperson..

"On that basis, the Prime Minister considers that a line should be drawn under the issue."

Mr Garnier did not dispute the facts about the incident, but the investigation found a "significant difference of interpretation between the parties".

According to the Mail on Sunday report, Mr Garnier said he called Ms Edmonson "sugar tits" as a reference to the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey.

"It absolutely does not constitute harassment," he said.