Trump announces New Year's resolutions

US President Donald Trump has outlined his New Year's resolutions, and they include taking on China, Russia and North Korea.

In a speech on his national security strategy for the coming year, President Trump took a swipe at his predecessors, criticising them for lacking the aggressive nationalism that has come to define his administration.

"They surrendered our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats," he said. "They undercut and short-changed our men and women in uniform."

Russia was also a key theme of Trump's speech. He referred to the Kremlin as a competitor - but one that the US could do business with.

"We also face rival powers - Russia and China - that seek to challenge American influence, values and wealth. We will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries, but in a manner that protects our national interest. 

"America is coming back strong," he insisted.

This statement of strength was undercut by the United Nations Security Council vote just two hours before Trump's speech. US ambassador Nikki Haley vetoed a resolution to denounce the White House's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, against all 14 other members of the Security Council, who voted in favour.

On the threat of North Korea's nuclear capabilities, President Trump somewhat vaguely promised that action would be taken against the rogue state.

"It will be taken care of. We have no choice."