Trump's UN ambassador says accusers 'should be heard'

A powerful new voice is backing the women accusing US President Donald Trump of molesting them.

Mr Trump's team insist the allegations are false and say it's time for everyone to move on, but his UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, says the 16 accusers "should be heard".

She told CBS' Face the Nation "women who accuse anyone should be heard".

"I know that he was elected, but women should always feel comfortable coming forward," she said. "And we should all be willing to listen to them."

A documentary about the women accusing the president of sexual misconduct was released in November, called 16 Women and Donald Trump.

Accuser Samantha Holvey, who appears in the film, told CBS that despite the Trump administration branding them as liars, these women aren't going away.

"I just want us, as a country, to say this is not acceptable behaviour, period," she said.

"Not from anybody, including the President. Especially the President."