Uproar after white woman hits cop, told to write apology letter

A furious online debate has been sparked, after a white woman hit a US police officer and was told to write a letter of apology.

Bridget Frietas struck the officer across the face, while at a football game in Miami, when he attempted to remove her from the game for drunken behaviour.

The officer hit her back and his actions have been cleared by his supervisor, according to the Miami Herald.

Ms Frietas could have the charges against her dropped, if she writes an apology letter to the officer as part of a pre-trial intervention programme and completes 50 hours' community service.

But people have reacted to the news with outrage, saying that if she was black, the consequences would have been far different. 

"Is that all she has to do?" asked Ria Frazer, on Twitter.

"So she get her charges dropped with the condition being a letter of apology??!! Wow, wonder why that is?"

Errol Seemangal said: "If she were black she probably would have been charged," which started a new thread of people weighing in on the situation.

Twitter user Tammy replied: "Charged, they would have been dead".

Ronda added to her and said: "Then told the world she had a drug dealing past, didn't graduate from high school, and had 5 kids from 4 baby daddy's…"

According to the Washington Post's police shootings database, 909 people have been shot by United States police in 2017 so far.